Throw-back Thursday – The Diniz Years

Canary Wharf View Looking East  
TBT: Here is an amazing aerial view of the Canary Wharf project in East London that I drew and painted while working in my step-dad’s studio, Carlos Diniz Associates. This was pre-computer rendering – all done by hand. The original is acrylic paint on a photo-mural panel, a technique developed by Carlos and used exclusively in his studio.

We are delighted to announce that Carlos’ archives have been accepted by the University of California Santa Barbara’s Art, Design & Architecture Museum for inclusion in their permanent collection. We will be posting more gems as we sort through the archive.

You can read more about Carlos and his studio here.  For more information about our studio, contact us.

Watercolor that captures the feel of the neighborhood.

ParsonsWhen you are dealing with a city as cherished as Old Town Pasadena in California, getting a project past the city council, neighborhood groups and special interests can be trying.

After some difficulties, we were contacted by Lincoln Property Company to help.  We created a series of very detailed, traditional watercolor paintings that depicted how the initial architectural scheme would fit into this important Pasadena neighborhood.  We took into consideration the concerns that were expressed to our client by the community groups and city officials, and created images that emphasized the retail, landscape and public amenities and openness that speak to the quality of life expected in the area.

As you can see in this article in the Pasadena Star News, the City Council is now well on board.

The client’s comments?

“The renderings have been very effective for us. Great work as always!” – R. K.

“Beautiful!” – S. S.

The Art of Colored Pencil

Terramor Overall View

This colored pencil drawing is the fifth in a series of drawings that we have created for the Foremost Communities Group and SWA. This is an aerial view of the recreational facility for a planned residential community in the Temescal Valley.
You can see more drawings of this project going by the name of “Toscana” in the “Portfolio” section under “Colored Pencil”.

Client comments:

“It Looks Great!!! We got very good feedback. The investors were blown away!”

“Wow! Beautifully done!”