Our illustration of the 2013 Academy Awards Greenroom just hit the press in Architectural Digest and a host of other internet news services.
What an honor and a pleasure it was to work with Architectural Digest top 100 Designer Madeline Stuart on her beautiful design for this year’s Green Room at the Academy Awards.
Madeline’s vision was to pay homage to the classic glamor of art director and set designer Cedric Gibbons. We applaud her dramatic arrangement and refined use of color that exudes Old Hollywood style, while managing to remain completely fresh.

Happy New Year 2013!

Cal Trans District 7 Headquarters Photoshop Painting by Ian Espinoza

Every year, the necessity of creating a holiday card presents an opportunity to create an image that will take me outside of the boundaries of our usual illustration work.
Searching for a subject one morning, this view presented itself at Spring Street and 2nd downtown. While waiting for the light to change I glanced to my left and caught this interesting view of Thom Mayne’s Cal Trans Headquarters.
When I saw the view, the whole painting immediately appeared in my mind – the dark stone and steel monolith framed by fiery red trees and a somewhat gaudy canary yellow sky. Something about this juxtaposition felt very much in character with the SoCal urban mythology.
I decided that this would have to be done in some sort of opaque media. I considered acrylic and gouache, but as I have been dabbling in Photoshop for some time now, even incorporating elements of it in some recent projects, I thought why not take the leap and create the whole thing digitally.  The potential of this new media is exciting and working with the endless variety of brushes and lighting effects in Photoshop was a fun challenge and a good learning experience. I’m looking forward to finding more contemporary subjects to paint in this dramatic and abstract fashion.


Rando Entertainment Web Banner

We were recently approached by AD3 Advertising Design to produce a website banner for one of their clients.  Our work has been incorporated into many websites, but this was our first opportunity to create something solely for that purpose.

The challenge in this case was to produce a single image that would address the many facets of their client, Rando Productions.  It had to clearly communicate the various production types, be vivid and interesting enough to grab attention and done in layers so that it could animated on the web page.

Working once again in watercolor and digital media, we were able to accomplish the task with a high level of detail without sacrificing the overall focus.  This custom illustration uniquely identifies the client’s brand.  In a sea of copy & paste websites, it sets them well apart.

You can see the result here:  www.randoproductions.com