Quick, Deft Sketches Take Care of Business!

Rough Sketch ViewsI have been approached by several clients about producing some quick, loose sketches to use as part of their proposals where there is little or no design info developed. Traditionally, I did these at the inception of the project to analyze specific views of the project or as a color study for the painting process, so it is surprising how effective these little drawings can be!

Sketches exemplify how the power of the basic idea can be at winning over viewers. They can be the most successful way of getting someone to visualize not only what the finished work might look like, but also (and more importantly) to help them understand the quality of the space and its use.

Without the investment necessary for elaborate, finished renderings, these rough ideas can be all the client needs to get the ball rolling. They can be done before any significant 3D work has been prepared and can contain a variety of elements and detail.

Even though they are rough in execution, they have a vitality and vibrancy that is delightful to the eye. Combine that with the fact that with fast turnaround, easy revisions and a reasonable price and clients can have the option of a whole series of walk through images to serve as a valuable storyboard to the overall rendering and marketing program.

Posted in our gallery are some examples of rough sketches. Take a look and see if there is some phase of your project that can utilize this. We will be happy to help you out.