Un-Arrested Development

The process of a large-scale development is a complicated one. It involves tremendous effort and work by all involved and can easily bog down in anything from design disputes to neighborhood opposition to mere bureaucracy.

Having the project represented by renderings that are geared toward gaining approval is vital to keep things moving.

As experienced architectural visualizers, we understand what can influence these decisions and work with your team to ensure the best views of your proposal are depicted.  In meeting with development and architectural teams, we listen to the problems and work out views that will resolve them. We understand the visual cues that will create agreement.

We are an art firm, but we know that the images we produce are the key to marketing. We have the experience to know what people want and how to create a space that people want to be in.

Here are examples of three projects that were in various stage of impasse. We came into the team and worked out exactly what need to be seen to handle it. As a result, all of these major developments are now in progress.

Contact us for your next real estate development, redevelopment or urban renewal plan and let us help you get it moving.

100 West Walnut, Pasadena, California – Lincoln Property Company

“Your great work helped get us here.” Rob Kane, Executive VP, Lincoln Property Co.


Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, Baldwin Hills California – Capri Capital Partners

“A great part of our story.  It makes a huge difference.”  – Lindsey Kozberg, Principal, Park Valayos LLP


Article about Baldwin Hills on CurbedLA , Article about Baldwin Hills on Urbanize

Westfield Promenade, Tarzana, CA – Westfield

“Ian Espinoza Associates has been an important extension of the Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield team.  Ian’s ability to grasp our vision and then produce beautifully rendered illustrations is second to none.  Over many years, this has proven to be instrumental in helping the public and key decision makers visualize & support the project.”
–  Larry Green – Executive Vice President, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield