We Migrated the Farm

NoHo Gothic

We Migrated the Farm

“We specialize in the very best in organic rendering.  No mechanized, industrial farming for us, just real Artisan Rendering at its best.”

IEAAI – Rendering with care since 1997

For our Moving Announcement, we thought we would poke a little fun at Grant Wood’s iconic American Gothic painting.  We like to keep a sense of humor about what we do and our place in the Building Community.  In the 20+ years that we have been in business, we have often been compared to computer rendering houses, so we thought we would poke a little fun at that, too.

The truth is that no media is blanketly good for everything and sometimes (at least in our view) you need an artist to put the extra communication in there.  When you are up against a stiff City Council, an artist’s take on it can become the bridge between professional and layman.  A hand done rendering can also be the ticket to standing out in the crowd in a competition or quelling the worries of a community group.

Fine Art is relatable.  Yes, it’s not as definitive and realistic as a CGI, but it is something we are comfortable living with and sometimes it can be just the connection you need.

We hope you enjoy the art and we certainly look forward to helping you on your next project.

Please note our new address:  5258 Cartwright Ave #4, NoHo, California 91601